My name is Tomáš Bzdušek and my friends usually call me Bzdušo [bzdu∫o]. I come from a little town Vrbové in Slovakia and I am currently 23 years old. So much for introduction and welcome to my website! It is navigable in English, though much of the content is only available in Slovak.

What do I do? Since high shool I have a strong interest in mathematics and physics. I successfully participated in many international competitions including EUSO, IPhO, IYPT and IMC. As a university student I spent some time at three different high schools teaching the young prodigies my passion for physics and for the world around us. For six years I have voluntarily worked for The Physics Seminar on Correspondence, where I focused on a special challenging category "FX". Work of me and my friends J. Imriška and J. Závodný culminated in publishing a book of advanced high-school physics problems and their detailed solutions.

What do I study? Currently I am a sixth year student of Theoretical Physics at Comenius University. I specialize on condensed matter physics. I study under supervision of Dr. Richard Hlubina, my diploma thesis being about superconductivity. List of my favorite topics cover quantum field theories, phase transitions, and new materials. My dream is to work within science, and to invent something of practical value, something that shall raise quaility of our lives a little. That's the main reason why I prefered material science to particle physics.

What are my hobbies? I am a very passionate hiker as you would easily find out by going through my gallery. Then music: I play piano and guitar, and I sing a little. Nothing great but it is sufficient for my own pleasure and satisfactory for the pleasure of my friends. I enjoy problem solving of various kinds, which is why I regularly attend various kinds of puzzlehunts. My leisure sport activities cover running and playing table football. The second one is not a real sport activity, but it is a real leisure!

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