Hiking in Slovakia
hiking.sk (SK)
Voluminous website for tourists. It contains reports from various hikes, descriptions of huts (and other possible places to spend night), information about water sources and much more. I put here also direct link to tourist map (doesn't work if you use AdBlock in Chrome) and to hikeplanner that will compute length, time and height profile of any route you may think of.

The short stands for "Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute". Complex sites about weather and water level situation in Slovakia. Here follows direct links to Aladin (numerical model computing weather for next 2 days), ECMWF (another model for long-term forecast), table of current weather with history for the last week, and curret weather warnings. In winter, the snow cover map may be useful. The page also contains a beautiful fotogallery of various weather phenomena.

laviny.sk (SK)
Website about current avalanche risk in Slovak mountains.

The short stands for "Czech Hydrometeorological Institute". Though it is a Czech site, their maps cover vast part of Slovakia as well. One especially useful page are radar images updating every 15 minutes giving good information about current precipation and storm formation. In misty weather you can check if any mountain range is above the clouds by having a look at VIS-IR map.

  Hiking in Switzerland
slf.ch (DE/FR/IT/EN)
Site containing snow maps and maps of avalanche risk for Switzerland.

Wanderland (DE/FR/IT/EN)
Voluminous site for touriest. It contains detailed information about most of Swiss hiking trails and and interactive map.

Swiss map (DE/FR/IT/EN)
This map contains lots of useful information abou Switzerland. You can survey hiking trails after clicking on "Infrastructure and communication -- Transport Networks -- hiking trails".

MeteoSwiss (DE/FR/IT/EN)
Swiss weather forecast website. You can check here current weather and forecast for next five days

  Other useful sites
yr.no (NO/EN)
Norwegian weather forecast site that I have a good experience with.

atoptics.co.uk (EN)
Site about optical phenomena in the atmosphere with their explanations, for example rainbow, halos, sundogs, glory, green flash and many other.

InterRail (multi)
A rail pass that you may buy if you plan to stay several days abroad in some European country. The ticket is especially convenient in Swizerland where usual train tickets are very expensive. I put here map of entire European railway network and a detailes map of Swiss railway network. More information on how to buy InterRail ticket in Slovakia and how much it costs can be found on sites of Železničná spoločnosť Sovensko.

City Star (SK)
Cheap return rail tickets from Slovakia to abroad.

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