Problem collections
FKS archive, 1993-... (SK)
Physical Correspondence Seminar is a competition for high school students that runs for more than 25 years now. Click here.

Náboj FKS archive, 1998-... (SK)
Náboj FKS is a yearly organized physics problems drive for teams of high school students. When I was high school student, I found it to be the best physics problems collection available in Slovakia. Click here.

Slovak Physics Olympiad book, 1993-2003 (SK)
This book contains problems and solutions from Slovak Physics Olympiad from years 1993-2003. Click here. Problems from later years can be found at Physics Olympiad websites.

International Physics Olympiad archive, 1967-... (EN)
I collected all problems and solutions from International Physics Olympiad, except the oldest ones. Click here. Direct links to all IPhO web sites can be found here.

Asian Physics Olympiad archive, 2000-... (EN)
In my opinion, Asian Physics Olympiad is even harder than the international one. I collected all APhO problems and solutions too. Click here. Links to all APhO web sites can be found here.

Boston Area Undergraduate Physics Competition, 2003-2004 (EN)
Boston Area Undergraduate Physics Competition is now a dead competition, but archive of the problems and solution is stil available at Harvard's web sites. There are problems from both mathematics, and physics. Click here.

Zbierka FX, 2005-2009 (SK)
Challenging category "FX" of Physics Seminar on Correspondence now comes with a book of problems with detailed solutions. Book is appropriate for those planning to attend International Physics Olympiad but also for younger university students. Click here.

Czech Physics Olympiad, 2005-2009 (SK)
High quality study materials for high school students. They cover various topics from mathematics and physics. Click here.

  Physics Olympiad Camps
IPhO preparation camp, 2008 (SK)

IPhO preparation camp, 2009 (SK)

IPhO preparation camp, 2010 (SK)

IPhO preparation camp, 2011 (SK)

IPhO preparation camp, 2012 (SK)

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